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          Mimecast cyber resilience provides email cloud services for security, archiving, and continuity. Protect your email system without compromise.

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          Email Security

          Mimecast is a cloud-based secure email gateway. It gives organizations t the advantages of shared analytics to identify evolving threats and the simplicity of a single management console, while using a multi-tenant infrastructure to maintain segregation of organizational data. The platform offers four key functions as part of its Targeted Threat Protection component:

          • URL Protect rewrites links found in inbound email and performs real-time scanning every time an employee attempts to navigate to the linked website.
          • Attachment Protect performs a multi-stage scan of incoming attachments, looking at signatures, static analysis, and sandbox behavior.
          • Impersonation Protect analyzes received email to identify potential business email compromise and impersonation attacks, which imitate trusted senders.
          • Internal Email Protect limits the spread of email-based attacks by extending Mimecast’s analytics to internal and outbound email.

          In addition to Targeted Threat Protection, Mimecast offers Data Leak Protection & Content Control to reduce the likelihood of loss of intellectual property, customer data, or other sensitive information through email. Expanded email security features include Mailbox Continuity, Sync & Recover, Large File Send, and Secure Messaging, which can be added to any Mimecast subscription.

          Awareness Training

          Behind even the best security defenses are employees who need to understand how to make decisions that keep the organization safe. Computer-based awareness training has traditionally been boring, limited in scope, or cost-prohibitive for small and medium-sized businesses.

          Mimecast Awareness Training uses short, engaging lessons laced with humor to keep employees abreast of real techniques used by attackers. The platform reinforces positive security behaviors and helps identify employees most in need of direct follow-up. 快三助手 can help with your implementation of Mimecast or answer your questions about Mimecast technical features and employee awareness training.

          快三助手 can help with your implementation of mimecast.

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