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          Penetration Testing

          Penetration Testing Services - Pittsburgh Cybersecurity

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          Detailed Approach to Penetration Testing

          快三助手' security professionals take a holistic approach to penetration testing. Our team of experienced professionals are experienced in identifying security gaps that hackers currently use, and we anticipate the avenues hackers are likely to exploit in specific situations.

          Our comprehensive penetration testing approach includes:

          • Continuous updates to keep pace with an ever-changing threat landscape.
          • Sound tactical recommendations.
          • Novel recommendations on improving your security posture strategically over time.
          • Immediate notification when critical risks are uncovered.
          • Detailed report with findings and actionable recommendations.

          Why Choose 快三助手 as Your
          Penetration Testing Partner

          Experienced Team

          Our team has performed countless assessments for a wide variety of companies, and we recognize that possessing technical skillsets alone isn't what makes this exercise valuable.

          The Mind of a Hacker

          We have invested heavily in our penetration testing methodology to ensure that our tactics mimic the methods of a real-life attack.

          Tailored Assessments

          We understand that a one-size-fits-all penetration test approach is not right for most clients.

          Diagnose True Risk

          Our deliverables are easy to understand, and recommendations are truly risk-based.

          Comprehensive Insights

          Our goal is always to address the critical risks to your organization, whether identified or unknown.

          Benefits of Working with 快三助手

          • Collaborative process is a beneficial training exercise for IT personnel
          • Immediately increases organizational resilience against cyberattacks
          • Real-time validation of key security controls and assumptions
          • Build a prioritized tactical punch-list to guide cybersecurity efforts
          • Increased end-user security awareness
          • The ability to draw on and trust in best-in-class, responsive service

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          Cybersecurity Resources

          Resource Library

          Explore our cybersecurity resource library, including case studies, whitepapers, best practices and expert thought leadership.

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          Our Thoughts On

          快三助手’ experts deliver analysis about the cybersecurity trends that impact our clients and organizations of all types and sizes.

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          Map of Pittsburgh Office

          One PPG Place, Suite 1700
          Pittsburgh, PA 15222

          p: 412.261.3644     f: 412.261.4876

          Map of Columbus Office

          65 East State Street, Suite 2000
          Columbus, OH 43215

          p: 614.621.4060     f: 614.621.4062

          Map of Columbus Office
          Washington, D.C.

          1660 International Drive
          McLean, VA 22102

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